Project Duration
Mar 2014 - Mar 2016

WMU is one of the five partners of a consortium currently working on the EuropeAid Project: "Support to the Maritime Transport Sector in Africa", Development of port database interchange mechanism, marine environment protection and emergency response performance (MARENDA).

The two main project activities of this contract are:

a) the development of a regional port data base interchange mechanism, with the objective to improve quality, structure and exchange of information on vessels movement and position of ships, specification of ships, cargo and crew on board, with a strong focus on the West and Central Africa regions, and

b) the support to marine environment protection and emergency response performance with the objective to establish emergency response mechanisms against the environmental pollution by ships. 

The activities include both technical assistance by assigned experts and training of officials. Technical assistance and Capacity building is provided by nominated experts to priority countries/ports in Western and Central Africa.

Principal Investigator
Department / Specialization
Professor Emeritus and Special Advisor, Office of the President
Project Officer
Department / Specialization
Research Associate
Department / Specialization
Professor (The Nippon Foundation Chair). Head, Maritime Education & Training and Head, English and Study Skills Programme
Department / Specialization
Associate Professor