Strategic Directions

For the period 2020 - 2023, the University is pursuing four strategic directions designed to enable WMU to pursue its mission objectives in the years ahead:

  1. Educating and Fostering Maritime and Ocean Leaders
  2. Enhancing Maritime and Ocean Research
  3. Enhancing Strategic Collaboration and Partnerships
  4. Strengthening Financial and Institutional Sustainability

Strategic Vision Plan 2016-2019

The WMU Strategic Vision Plan 2016-2019 focuses on restructuring the University´s academic offerings, strengthening research capabilities, doubling of the annual student intake, potentially shortening the MSc programme, continuing global maritime capacity building, and developing, implementing, and fine-tuning a business model to serve as the operational platform in a sustainable manner for the long-term. Strategic priorities have been identified, a vision statement formulated, the mission fine-tuned and a set of core values defined.