Johan Hollander
Professor in Sustainable Marine Management & Ocean Governance (NF Chair)
Ph.D. University of Gothenburg
B.Sc. University of Gothenburg

Coming from Lund University, Johan Hollander joined WMU in 2019 when he was appointed Nippon Chair of Sustainable Marine Management and Ocean Governance. Between 2014–2019 he was a member of the advisory board for the Graduate Research School in Environmental Science, Lund University, and between 2017–2019 he was in the board of editors for Heredity. Johan Hollander have coordinated several national (the Swedish Research Council, FORMAS), multi-national (WIOMSA) and multi-disciplinary (EU-LIFE) scientific projects in Sweden, Europe and Western Indian Ocean associated with the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association. The projects examine e.g. i) whether marine species from different trophic levels show similar resilience to global climate change to better predict community-level imbalances, as well as ii) focus on ecosystem-based climate adaptations involve sustainable management of ecosystems to help humans adapt to climate change.

At WMU, Prof. Hollander teaches within the Marine Environment and Ocean Management (MEOM Specialization), and conduct research focusing on biodiversity, trophic level ecology, as well as ecosystem-based services using green infrastructure to mitigate coastal erosion.

Prof. Hollander has published extensively on topics related to biodiversity, ecosystem-based services, global climate change and invasive species, including several book chapters.

Area of Interest / Keywords:

marine environmental management

coastal management

biological diversity

ecosystem-based adaptations/services

coastal environment climate change

marine ecosystems

Invasive species