Anish Hebbar
Assistant Professor
PhD (Habitat Studies), Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
MSc (Maritime Affairs), World Maritime University (Sasakawa Fellow)
BSc (Physics), Bombay University

Anish Hebbar’s current work focus includes risk assessment, maritime accident investigation, domestic ship safety and Member State performance. His doctoral work focused on governance of oil spill disasters and his master’s dissertation focused on risk communication. He brings to the World Maritime University, twenty-eight years of experience in the Indian Coast Guard, which he has synthesized in his book, “Ichigai for the Indian Coast: A proposed doctrine.” He worked on India’s obligations under the OPRC Convention - revising India’s National Oil Spill Disaster Contingency Plan, reviewing plans of ports and oil agencies, strengthening national response framework, strengthening oil pollution response capacity of ports, development of capacity for HNS response and SACEP regional contingency plan. He previously worked on implementation the SAR Convention, consequent to India’s ratification. He served on national committees on fisheries policy and sustainable exploitation of marine fisheries resources. He particularly engaged with antipiracy issues (when piracy in the Gulf of Aden was at a peak) and restructuring of India’s national maritime security framework. He has been a part of Indian delegation to meetings of the IMO MEPC, IOPC Funds, SACEP, HACGAM, ReCAAP, etc. and has participated in bilateral and multilateral high-level meetings and engagements. His sea experience includes search and rescue of man overboard, medical evacuations from merchant vessels, search and rescue of fishing vessels, rescue of vessel held hostage by armed robbers, interdiction of poachers, enforcement of no-fishing zone for protection of endangered species, and safe recovery of ocean data-buoy. He is decorated with the Tatrakshak Medal for meritorious service by the Government of India.