Project Duration
Feb 2013 - Mar 2015

WMU is one of the nine partners in the EU SeaTalk Project funded by the European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci program. The projects aims “to create a harmonized framework enabling seafarers to undergo common Maritime English training and National Authorities to assess their qualification levels; this facilitating workers' mobility due to an easier and common qualifications recognition system in the EU."  

SeaTalk will run from 21 February 2013 through 31 March 2015. The lead institution is Centre for Factories of the Future Ltd. (C4FF)- Maritime Division, in the UK. SeaTalk is a logical extension of the EC's earlier MET communication projects that WMU has been involved in; MarEng (2006-2010) and MarTEL (2008-2012). The first Partner's Meeting was held in Antwerp on 21-22 February 2013.  The Principal Investigator at WMU is Associate Professor Clive Cole.   

Principal Investigator
Department / Specialization
Former Associate Professor, WMU
Project Officer