Mary Wisz
Associate Professor, Marine Science
United States
PhD, University of Cambridge, UK

Mary S. Wisz (Ph.D. 2005 University of Cambridge, UK), Associate Professor, Marine Science. Dr. Wisz’ research aims to understand and predict how marine ecosystems respond to changes in climate and human activities. She uses dynamic spatial modelling tools that integrate information coming from many branches of the environmental sciences (e.g. oceanographics, biodiversity, ecosystem monitoring, fisheries, genetics), along with socioeconomics, to inform the ecological and economic consequences of management decisions. She has worked on a range of projects from the tropics to the Arctic, and addressed challenges such as invasive species spread, community changes in high latitude fish communities, the resilience of tropical coral reefs, and the role of ecological connectivity in supporting ecosystem services. Dr. Wisz has worked in research universities, government research institutes and industry.  At WMU she collaborates with scientific research groups throughout the World and across UN agencies to develop conservation and management tools that support ocean sustainability.  Dr. Wisz teaches in WMU’s Ocean Sustainability Governance and Management specialization.