8 Jun - 8 Jun 2016
25 Jun - 25 Jun 2016
24 Jul - 19 Aug 2016
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The WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs (WMU JoMA) is an international journal that covers the subject areas of maritime safety, marine environment...
A textbook for instructors and assessors working with STCW in the maritime education and training sector.
The publication examines the corpus of status quo environmental legal regime, geographical issues and redundant “stakeholder claims”...


A “road-map” for the University’s future, nourishing its capacity and commitment to meet the oncoming challenges of promoting and sustaining the maritime community, both for ourselves and, most...
The Academic Handbook is published yearly and contains full details of the current programmes as well as information about life in Malmö. 
Postgraduate Diplomas and Distance Learning offered by the World Maritime University