OPENRISK - Open-source tools for regional risk assessments for improved European preparedness and response at sea
Project Duration
Jan 2017 - Dec 2018
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OpenRisk is a research and technical development project aiming at the provision of basics for the future development of an openly available method toolbox for more harmonized risk assessments in order to support preparedness and response community.

For European waters, a number of regional risk assessment projects focusing on Preparedness and Response have recently been carried out. These successfully completed projects represent a considerable investment both in terms of EU funds as well as effort, expertise and time within national preparedness and response authorities and their regional cooperation structures. These projects substantially contributed to EU-wide introduction of risk -based decision making in this field.

OPENRISK is to further ensure that the outcomes of these processes will be utilised fully. An inter-regional plan shall be created and dialogue on maritime risk assessment initiatives will be established. The project will contribute to exchange experiences from regional initiatives, compile a best practices report, and prepare for joint next steps.

Likewise, the project aims at an openly available, and fully transparent method toolbox of open source software and other open access material for risk assessments useful for parties involved in preparedness and response. 

OPENRISK is co-financed by the EU – Civil Protection Financial Instrument as project 2016/PREV/26, has a total budget of 0,5 MEURO and runs for 2 years 2017-18.


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