MSc in Maritime Affairs Field Study Programme

The students following the MSc in Maritime Affairs benefit from a unique field study programme hosted by organizations such as shipping companies, port authorities, maritime administrations, and a range of other governmental and non-governmental organizations, all over the world. These field studies link the students’ theoretical knowledge to practical experience, so that they can gain valuable insights into professional practices around the world - insights that are unique to WMU’s students. The field studies are part of the individual MSc specializations, and the programmes typically involve the following destinations:

Maritime Education & Training: universities/institutions in Norway, Sweden, the Philippines, the Netherlands, EMSA (Lisbon) and IMO (London)

Maritime Energy Management: Italy, Sweden, IMO (London), Finland and Denmark

Maritime Law & Policy: the ICJ and the PCA (the Hague, Netherlands), ITLOS (Hamburg, Germany), DIRECTEMAR (Chile), BIMCO (Copenhagen, Denmark), and IMO (London)

Maritime Safety & Environmental Administration: Malta, Republic of Korea, Germany, IMO (London), China, Sweden and Denmark

Ocean Sustainability, Governance & Management: Sweden, Denmark, the UK, IMO (London) and the Netherlands

Port Management: Singapore, Sweden, the UK, Denmark, and Germany (Hamburg) and other major ports

Shipping Management & Logistics: Greece, Singapore, Sweden (Gothenburg), the UK (London) and Germany (Hamburg) and other major shipping destinations

The co-operation of an enormous range of global institutions makes it possible for WMU students to experience the application of the latest theories, practices and technologies in real-life maritime situations, and to join a global network of maritime professionals.