An integrated approach to achieving the global goals

The UNSDGs have been integrated into all areas of our academic and training programmes, including in our educational curriculum, research, and experiential learning opportunities. Supporting this effort will ensure that the next generation of WMU maritime leaders is deeply versed in, and committed to, achieving the UNSDGs.

Partnership and engagement

In line with SDG 17, Partnership for the Goals, we are committed to serving as the global hub for multi sectoral partnerships in the maritime and ocean community. We bring together the key stakeholders around both specific and broad-based issues. Supporting our partnership and programme of events will help us forge new relationships and act as a convener on a larger scale.

Safeguarding our environment

We have already begun taking major steps towards increasing our focus on environmental conservation efforts, most recently with the launch of the WMU-Sasakawa Global Ocean Institute. Environmental sustainability already plays a critical role in our teaching and research, but there is always more work to be done in response to the rapid political and technological changes taking place today. WMU will also need to take steps to support recent decisions taken by the IMO in April 2018 concerning the greenhouse gas emissions targets to be met by the maritime industry by 2050. Supporting our environmental efforts will help ensure that we stay at the forefront of this work, poised to proactively tackle the major issues of the day.