Associate Professor
Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.) in Safety Science from Bergische Universität
transport engineering, VTS traffic monitoring, collision risk detection

Associate Professor
DipRSA, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Royal Society of Arts
maritime english, maritime education and training

Acting President; & Professor
MMM, Dalhousie University
environmental protection, fisheries, marine aquaculture, coastal and oceans management, marine oil spills, transboundary management

Acting Vice President (Academics) & Associate Professor
LLM Turku University
maritime law, marine insurance

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Human Factors, University of Southern Denmark
Human Factors, Communication (crisis and routine), Educational Psychology, Psychotraumatology in Pirate hijacking.

Vice President (International) and Professor
Ph.D. in Economics, University of Paris
shipping and port economics, policy and management, marine environmental economics, Chinese shipping and ports

Associate Professor (The Nippon Foundation Chair). Head, Maritime Education & Training.
Ph.D. in Maritime Administration
operational risk governance and policy, management, organizational behaviour and organizational learning, knowledge management, maritime education and training

Associate Professor
Ph.D. (Dr. iur), cum laude, Hannover Universität
law of the sea, pollution liabilities, IOPC funds, IMO Conventions

Director, Executive and Professional Development, Professor
Ph.D. in Finance, City University Cass Business School
ship finance, investments, freight derivatives, shipping risk management, econometric analysis, shipping markets modelling

Research Associate
Ph.D. University of Genova
maritime environmental law, environmental economic impact and regulatory framework of airborne emissions from ships, maritime economic, intellectual property rights of ship design, shipbuilding Law.

Ph.D. Risk Management, University of Evry
risk management/ship safety, marine environment protection, biosecurity in shipping, air emissions in shipping, human factors and social issues in shipping, complexity in shipping context

Academic Information Manager / Lecturer
M.Sc. Computer Science, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden (2003)
Use Oriented Design and Development, Evolvable Software Products, End User Development

Visiting professor
Ph.D. Marine Simulation Quantification, Nottingham Trent/Solent Southampton University
master mariner, nautical science, maritime education and training, maritime simulation

WMU Adjunct Professor
Ph.D. Maritime Studies Cardiff University
marine transportation, naval architecture

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Maritime Sciences, Aegean University
Electronic navigation, Navigation simulators, maritime security

MBA International Management, Columbia Southern University

Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Southampton

Professor (Canadian Chair). Head, Marine Environmental and Ocean Management
Ph.D. Coastal and Ocean Governance, Cardiff University
integrated coastal and ocean management, ocean governance, maritime spatial planning, marine environmental protection, training and capacity building

Research Associate
Diploma in Social Science Research Methods
human element, language and communication, multicultural work environment, VTS, ship-shore communication

Assistant Professor (Nippon Foundation Post)
Ph.D. Social Sciences, Cardiff University
multi-cultural work environment, women seafarers, cultural issues

Visiting Professor
M.Ed. Masters Degree in Education, Loyola University of Chicago
search and rescue, marine navigation, Artic marine transportation

Director of Research & PhD Program, Professor (Nippon Foundation Chair)
Ph.D. Stockholm University
marine environmental management, coastal management, ballast water management, coastal environment climate change, marine ecosystems

Research Associate
Ph.D. Lund University

Professor, Head of Maritime Law & Policy (leave of absence)
Ph.D. Law and Ergonomics in Maritime Security, Lund University
maritime security, maritime law, maritime policy, navigational safety

WMU Adjunct Professor
SJD, University of Virginia
maritime law, maritime security, oceans law and policy

Professor (INMARSAT Chair), Head of Shipping Management & Logistics, and Port Management
Ph.D. in Port Economics, Cardiff University
port economics, port management, port operation and logistics, maritime education and training

Visiting professor, Adjunct Professor
Ph.D. Curtin University, (Perth Australia) 2003
maritime education, maritime simulator systems

Ph.D. Maritime Legislation, University of Wales
maritime policy and international affairs, maritime law, marine environmental legislation

Adjunct Professor
M.Sc. New York State Maritime College
intermodal studies, logistics management

Secretary, International Association of Maritime Universities
marine engineering, thermal power systems, mechanical engineering, maritime education and training, maritime technologies

Research Associate
B.Sc. Political Science, Lund University

Professor, Director, PG Diploma in Maritime Energy Management
Ph.D. Istanbul Technical University
naval architecture, marine engineering, ship design, ship production, maritime technology, maritime energy management

MA in Applied Language Studies from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

Research Associate
Ph.D. Chalmers University of Technology

Acting Associate Academic Dean; Professor (Nippon Foundation Chair); Head, Maritime Safety and Environmental Administration
Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing) Safety Science, University of Wuppertal
maritime casualities, ship safety, maritime risk

Professor of Maritime Law, Southampton Law School, University of Southampton
Ph.D. University of Southampton
maritime law

Associate Professor (leave of absence)
Ph.D. Utrecht University

Adjunct Professor
maritime law, Carriage of Goods by Sea, marine insurance, Conflict of Laws

Diploma in Maritime Law, University of Yangon
maritime education and training, quality management systems, information communication technology