President Doumbia-Henry Receives Best Malmö Ambassador Award
February 15, 2017 - 9:48am

On 13 February, at the 15th annual Malmö Business Awards, President Doumbia-Henry received the honor of Best Malmö Ambassador. She was recognized for her long career in international organizations and for the recognition she has brought to the City of Malmö during her 20-month tenure as President of the World Maritime University.

As stated in the announcement of the award, “Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry has quickly become a true ambassador, not only for WMU, but also for Malmö. In the past year, she has traveled the world to talk about her fantastic university and the city that hosts it. Malmö is an important contributor to the UN climate efforts to achieve the UN's global sustainability goals. In Malmö, the UN’s global goals are guiding principles in local efforts to create a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable city. And here she is, a Malmö Ambassador in the best, and international sense.”

Dr Doumbia-Henry accepted the award on behalf of the University, thanking the City of Malmö for its ongoing support of WMU since its founding in 1983. In particular, she noted the extraordinary, award winning new premises that were provided by the City and inaugurated in 2015. She stated, “WMU is now positioning itself to become the global ocean research centre. It is seeking to make the City of Malmö the home for Ocean education and research. This would support not only the commitment by the Government of Sweden to be one of the world’s first fossil free welfare nations but also that of the City of  Malmö to make all city activities climate neutral by 2020 and to ensure that the whole City runs on renewable energy by 2030. WMU intends to  support the efforts of the City and make its contribution in this regard.”

Each year, prizes in seven categories are awarded to a person, company, or association that has made a significant creative contribution to further the city’s growth and international recognition. The Best Malmö Ambassador award goes to a person or organization that continuously strengthens the positive image of Malmö and advocates on behalf of the city through their work as well as their national and international contacts. Malmö Ambassadors put the City on the map in both Sweden and the world creating interest and curiosity about Malmö.

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